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Beach of Kerhilio to Erdeven


Ria d'Etel

Holiday of February-March 2019 : 500 euros the week

The week Easter 2019 : 600 euros the week

Weeks from April 30 th to June 2019  : 500 euros

The week of June 15 th  2019, to July 6 th, 2019  : 600 euros the week

The week from 6th July 2019  to July 20th  2019 : 750 euros the week 

The week of July 20th  2019, to August 24th   2019: 850 euros the week

The week of August 24th  2019  at 7th  September 2019 : 600 euros the week

After and up to the end of the year 2019 :  500 euros the week

The package household is 80 euros

Bring more : water: 7euros m3 and electricity: euro 0,30 kw
and the tax at the rate in force according to the period
The deposit is 700 euros made after checking the state of the places and its compliance in the following week the end of the location

The sheets and linens are made available free of charge from two weeks of rental

If you want to come on holiday with us I will address you by email the full contract by your coordinated that you specify me before hand by phone or by email, you just need to print it, and then back to me signed by you with the 30% deposit of the total amount of the rental which will be stipulated in the contract, the rest being due at the latest to the  arrived